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22,00 € for Person / Night
Bed & breakfast and included residence tax.


35,00 € for Person /  Night
Bed & breakfast & with whole day bathing in
the Terme 3000 and included residence tax.


9,00 € Dinner meni in restaurant

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Jerusalem with its holy name, energetic forces, wine road with top white wines, beautiful viewpoints and pilgrimage church rightly bears the name of a heaven place. It has already convinced the crusaders in the 13th century, who were searching for a way to today's Israeli and Palestine Jerusalem.


Jerusalem lies in Prlekija, the province in the north-eastern Slovenia, bordering Austria on the north and Croatia on the south. It is a country of rich cuisine, premium wines, curvy terraced hills, singing wind-rattles, rich cultural, natural and ethnological heritage, thermal springs, spas and trotters. It is the cradle of famous men such as the linguist Francis Miklošič, film-maker Karel Grossmann, lyric poet Stanko Vraz, composer Slavko Osterc and the Academic painter Ante Trstenjak.


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The restaurant


»Pri štorklji«


is open every day, closed only on Wednesdays.

They offer dishes to order and a variety of menus.

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