Regional Park Goričko – North – East Slovenia

The name “Goričko” comes from the Goričko hills, which have been incurred long ago at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea and then picked up. Soft shaped sand world the people settled in the prehistoric times and stayed here. Although the major European cities are not very far away, the Goričko preserved its image, which is typical for the Central Europe before World War II.

The lag – what they called it, is now looks as an advantage. Mosaic strewn vineyards, orchards, meadows and overgrown fields, which are harmoniously blend and complete the villages, hamlets and individual farms that offer an unique image and unique people. At low fertile soil were necessary humility and wisdom of the rational exploitation of the earth, sun and rain, that is why men and nature live here for centuries in harmony and together form a varied cultural landscape.

There is still enough room for a wide variety of animals and plants, according to a tradition, almost every farmer has at least a small vineyard, where he produces “own” wine. Since the Middle Ages, they were famous for their fruit orchards with several hundred varieties of fruits, which grown here and there is still preserved old farmhouse architecture, some crafts, which are already forgotten. This harmonious image invites you to walk among the hills, along the streams and through the meadows, along the ridges and through the forests, riding on the sloping hillsides.

The most curious visitors may find here the old mills, ancient thatched with straw houses, many Protestant and Catholic churches, as well as the largest castle in Slovenia, which has as many rooms as there are days in the year.

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