Moravske Toplice

Moravske Toplice is located in the sunny heart of Prekmurje, where people used to say that »they are rich«.

In fact they are rich because they know what they all have. Every year here come the storks to make their nets on the local roofs, which are carefully preserved. The nearby vineyards are inviting to a visit along the wine roads, where you will have a chance to taste the local wines.

During your leisure time you can quickly jump on a bike and feel the pure nature in a totally different way. You will be accompanied by cultivated fields, the dew on the meadows and shady groves shelter along the trail.

The hospitable local inhabitants will be happy to chat with you, to present you their skills in making pottery or to show you the mills by the Mura River, where you will have a possibility to buy some flour milled in a traditional way.


Gostinstvo in turizem,
Marjan Lovrenčec s.p.
Ulica na bregu 12
9226 Moravske Toplice

gsm: +386 (0)41 891 225