Ocean Orchids

Ocean Orchids is a company that can be found in Dobrovnik and which has a decade long history. Every year, they grow two million high quality orchids with the help of the latest technology. Visitors can visit the company’s rich tropical garden with various exotic plants. Alongside lovely orchids, one can find plants from our everyday lives: banana trees, avocado trees, pineapple plants, vanilla plants and a large collection of anthurium. The most interesting plants in the tropical garden are the carnivorous plants, coffee tree, pepper tree and carambola or star fruit, whose green fruit always peak our interest. Visitors can take a piece of their magic with them, they can buy their favourite orchids.


Gostinstvo in turizem,
Marjan Lovrenčec s.p.
Ulica na bregu 12
9226 Moravske Toplice

gsm: +386 (0)41 891 225
e-mail: info@pri-storklji.si
w: www.pri-storklji.si